Letterheads, tickets, business cards, booklets and postcards are using the logo elements to connect with old theaters of Cantonese opera. ︎︎︎ 

Poster design is inspired from the show list in the 1950s. The Guangzhou Opera House and Cantonese Opera Art Museum collaborates to invite the actor to perform some famous scripts from the history of Cantonese opera art. ︎︎︎

Website for the museum.︎︎︎

The graphic elements extends to tote bags, T-shirts and the environment. ︎︎︎

The process of making the installation for the upcoming exhibition. The installation form is built from the graphic elements of the logo.  ︎︎︎

I use the program MadMapper to map the video on the form. Some testing before the installation is finished. ︎︎︎

The installation covers four famous scripts from Cantonese opera art. ︎︎︎