Instant Memory

Visual identity, Branding, Experience design

Polaroid allows us to capture our memories and moments. By reacting to temperature, photography and capturing our memories through this unexpected process results in unique “happy accidents”. What sets Polaroid apart from other instant cameras is their original SX-70, the origin where photographers can enjoy the process of taking a photo.Whether or not if you are a photographer or someone with curiousity, Instant Memory Hotel is a place for like-minded individuals who appreciate capturing moments using the Polaroid camera. The hotels offers a  community of people who enjoy image-making, sharing ideas and techniques, and immersing themselves in the process of photography. At this stay, Instant Memory Hotel also invites visitors to experience photography workshops, exhibitions and installations, pop-up events and galleries that share the latest updates on Polaroid. 

The graphic elements used is inspired by various different iconic models from Polaroid. ︎︎︎

Lookbook for Instant Memory introduces the story of the Polaroid and features an insert with information about the Tokyo. 

Collateral continues to use the graphic elements from the brand to create a systemic look. ︎︎︎

Graphic elements of instant memory continue to apply to spatial. ︎︎︎